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REIKI INSTRUCTION  We offer training in all levels of Reiki.  Call for more information (973-714-8269).

My Reiki Lineage back to Dr. Usui:

Vera Ann Remes

Ruth Amarante

Nancy A. Smith

Dorthea Grant-Aparicio

Susan Ruth Grace Schumacher

Coleen C. Zurawski

Kathleen Ann Milner

Margarette L. Shelton

Rich & Emma Ferguson

Arthur Robertson

Iris Ishikuro

Hawayo Takata

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi

Dr. Mikao Usui

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What is Raven Reiki?

I have added nuances of Shamanic journeying, Shamanic Extraction Healing,  Energy Healing,  Black Smoke Healing,  music, drumming, crystals and intuition to the Usui Reiki I was taught, to achieve what I call Raven Reiki.  Any session begins well before the client arrives with meditation, prays for guidance, cleansing with sage, salt and aromatics.  During the session I am guided by forces that sometimes I cannot explain to administer an individualized healing session.  I receive as much from a healing as the client, feeling exhilarated when it concludes.  The healing does not end with the treatment.  It extends to the time after, with discussion between healer and client meant to bring into clarity what has transpired.  To schedule a healing session, call me at 973-714-8269. Distance presents no obstacle to healing of Reiki. Your first Distance Healing is free. See below. For a full description of the Shamanic Healing services offered, please visit the Drum Circles & Shamanism page on my website.

Raven Reiki is truly proud to present Ruth Amarante, Reiki Master/Teacher as an adjunct healer and teacher in the Ringwood, NJ area.

Reiki Ruth has a wide variety of healing stones that may be used during sessions as needed. Creating a truly unique healing experience, Ruth may also combine Reiki with the Raindrop Technique of applying essential oils. Always striving for the highest and best good, each client receives an individualized healing using all of Ruth's skills, knowledge, intuition and connection with spirit.   Learn more at http://reikiruth.weebly.com/