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Future Life Progression is a technique where the client imagines looking back to the present from their own future. I show the client what their life will be like at some point in the future, a future in which they have achieved everything they want. The client is then asked to 'enter into' that future self, to get into the mind of that future self and to learn what that future self did in order to make it all happen. By visualizing the future and thinking about how it was achieved, the client becomes open to change your life. You can create your own future and change your life.

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“… Death is merely a pause to reflect on the progress of your eternal self so far." –VERONICA

This quote has been excerpted from Inner Whisper, Volume 1, Issue 15 by April Crawford, a Open Deep Trance Channel for an entity named Veronica. (http://www.innerwhispers.net/transition15.html)


Whether you believe someone can channel a spiritual entity or not, the words are something to be considered and give us a degree of confidence when considering our own inevitable death. In Past Life Regression, I assist persons who seek to understand and release the karmic reasons for their present fears, proclivities or idiosyncrasies. Appointments are available upon request. More than one session is often required because of resistance to hypnosis or deep issues to be resolved.  I invite you to explore your past lives to gain a deeper understanding of the present YOU.

Past Life Regression & Future Life Progression

Release Your Anxieties and Fears by Unlocking the Doors to Your Past.