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Over time I’ve incorporated everything I’ve learned over the years, for a healing modality that’s unique to me, and not easy to name or describe. I call it Raven Reiki after my Shamanic Guide that flew down upon me as I traveled to see a good friend one day and is sighted frequently on my property. It is not Shamanic Reiki as I have heard some people refer to the combination of methods. It is Raven Reiki, a client driven method that primarily uses positive imaging to change spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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Vera Ann Remes
Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Hypnocounselor, Drum Circle  Facilitator

I am struck by a quote by  Darryl Anka:

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

To that end my goal is to work with anyone who wishes to change their lives by experiencing alternative methods of healing, experience the meditative state that drumming produces, or to find a place of solace and guidance in this world.

When I look back on everything I have done in my life I am amazed at how varied my experiences have been.
I taught special needs students for 11 years and then started a law practice after attending law school at night while teaching during the day for 4 years.  I practiced law for 31 years and spent my free time riding a
horse for a local sheriff’s department for over 26 years. 

I wanted to “give back” when I retired and became a Registered Therapeutic Riding Instructor,
trying, I guess, to combine a love of horses and my love of teaching.  When I started expanding

my orizons to include a pursuit of psychic development, Reiki and shamanic studies, my life really
came alive.  I wake up each morning glad to be alive and with a desire to help people with their
physical, spiritual and emotional health issues.
When I first started my spiritual quest by taking courses to develop my psychic abilities I was able
to open myself up to all sorts of energies. I joined a Paranormal Research Group for a time, and still investigate
and, in that way, help people. I was introduced to Reiki by Ruth Amarante who served with me at the local sheriff’s department and left to pursue her dreams. She had become a Reiki Master Teacher and offered to instruct me. I had already been opened up to all sorts of spiritual and energy healing and embraced the positive message that holds, if you can imagine it, it is possible. I studied and finally (I say finally because Ruth would not pass attunements to me without much work on each level) became a Reiki Master after almost a year. During my Reiki journey, I began to investigate the concept of Shamanism. Michael Harner, who had a website about Core Shamanism, offered an introductory course. Although it did not qualify me to instantly become a Shaman (Nothing does-I am suspect of anyone who calls themselves a Shaman. It is a practice devoid of ego), it introduced me to the mesmerizing concept of the drum circle, along with finding power animals, journeys to the lower and upper worlds, finding your “Teacher”. As if it was a stream flowing steadily onward, I came across the term “drum circle facilitator”. Apparently, there are persons that offer this service to corporations, community groups, veterans, students, etc. It sounded to me as a use of a Shamanic Drum Circle in an educational setting. Most of the facilitators I found on line were teachers, musicians. I had no musical background but that did not deter me. I recently developed an interest in the Tibetan practice of Chod the tenets of which I now endeavor to share with my clients for healing and counseling.  I have learned Past Life Regression techniques and incorporate them into healings. Now I am mesmerized by Future Life Progression as a way to help my clients.  I recently completed a H3 Energy Healing Course and am certified in that modality also.  Recently I studied Shamanic Counseling and also Extraction Healing.