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White Raven  Investigations

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We are a small group of spiritually minded sensitives who, although we are trained in paranormal investigation techniques, are also here to help our clients with whatever spiritual plan of action they want to pursue in reference to their needs.  Some of our methods will run contrary to what is usually thought to be the norm for ghost hunting, but one thing is certain: when we are on an investigation we work as one and always watch each others' backs because it can be no other way.  We are not a group interested in proving or disproving anything.  It is our intent and focus to determine what, if anything, is in the premises and then dealing with it by using our own methods. When we are able to verify or discount a client’s interpretation of events, we are half way to success.  Often, when paranormal teams leave after an investigation, the residents are left with more activity than before.  We want to understand and calm down the issues clients experience, not the opposite.   The members of White Raven Investigations of the Paranormal are intuitive and most of all, spiritual.  That’s not religion.  It’s actually deeper.         →→→→→→→→→→→→

We want to help the living cope with or clear unwelcome hauntings.  We know that understanding what is happening gives you power over your environment so we use the equipment for that purpose.

We are not interested in thrills,  only service to our clients.  We research before our investigations and meet with clients who, after the investigation will be given a DVD containing any evidence found.  We will spiritually cleanse the premises if requested and counsel the family in coping techniques.  If permitted we will post evidence here for review.  Visit our "Contact" page and send us an email if you need assistance.  Here's a link to a our Client's Pre Investigation Questionnaire that can be filled out and emailed back to

All contacts kept in strict confidence.